Mobile Digital Smart Menus

Our smart digital menus are ideal for many applications including bars, restaurants, hotels and accommodation suppliers plus much more! 

Digital Menu For Restaurants & Bars
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has now been made law that all menus in bars, restaurants and any other outlet selling food or drinks need to use either digital or single use menus. 

Single use menus are both expensive and terrible for the environment. Here at ThisMenu we have the affordable and renewable solution for the problem. You do not need a website, you do not need to pay expensive printing and any changes to your menu can be done within minutes! 

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Cost Efficient

Compared to producing single use menus, printing wipeable and last forever! There is no need to reprint menus if you have to make any changes, just an email and the changes are made within an hour! 

Or you can use our web APP to log in and make changes yourself! No more expensive design and printing costs! 

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Completely Customisable

Your QR code, your menu and your microsite are all COMPLETELY customisable to fit with your brand. We can produce everything exactly how you want it to look. 

You are able to log into your web app and make as many changes to colours, sizes and menu updates. 

Your QR code can come on stickers, posters and even digital devices. 

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The Power To
Understand Your Business

With our web APP you now have insight into your business that has not been available before. 

You can know your most looked at menu, what time of day your menu is being scanned and even where the person is from who scanned your menu! 

Maybe your breakfast menu is being viewed after your breakfast menu ends… It’s time to launch your all day breakfast and take advantage of the extra business. 


Intuitive Design

Our design team can match your exact brand and deliver your menu and This Menu Application to your precise needs. We are able to add and remove functionality to better suit your requirements. 

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