Our basic virtual menu is designed for small bars and restaurants. It will allow you to throw away those dog eared laminated menus and allow people online to see what you have to offer.

The main features are

Completely Trouble Free Setup

We do all the work for you. Just give us a decent high resolution version of your menu and we will upload it to our servers.

Fully Hosted Microsite

We build you a microsite for your business on our system which will allow additional information including opening times, allergy advice and of course your menu.

Very Low Budget Marketing Tool

This entry level package works out cheaper than designing and printing single use menus.

Popup Offers (at additional cost) 

Our system will offer timed responsive popup offers and information. We can time these to coincide with any special events or special offers you may be planning.

The total cost for this service is just €100. You need to simply print the QR code (supplied by us) and put it anywhere in your business you would like a menu to be displayed. When your customers come in they will be able to scan the code and see exactly what you have on offer!

To see the Half Board menu in action, simply scan this image with your phone or click this link.

basic menu qr code

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