If you have a holiday let there’s a solution for the “Info Pack” that is in your property, probably laying around with old flyers and out of date information in.

Introducing the new Holiday Let Application. There are many features of this solution.

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Feature Benefit
Digital Info Pack No more messy info books
Digital vCard Instantly add your details to your renters phone
Digital WIFI Code Customer can add WIFI to their device instantly
Digital Attractions No more messy flyers & Earn Commission when booked through your clients
Digital Entry/Departure Time stamp arrival/departure & push reviews or social media likes and feedback
Digital Report Real time issue report which can be forwarded to maintenance and time stamped with images if needed


Our Holiday Let App will replace all scruffy paperwork within your holiday home and allow your clients to have a more immersive experience whilst with you.

Digital Info Pack

Our digital information pack will allow your clients to have all the information you need them to know, from cleaning days, departure times and where to find the pesky remote control. What’s more, they will be able to take it with them on their phone!

Digital vCard

Your guests will have your information SAVED to their phone. This means they can call you if there is any issues they need to organise with you even while out. More importantly, they will have your information directly next time they want to book! They may be incentivised to call you directly instead of using the agent.

Digital WIFI Code

Your WIFI code can be as complicated as you like. This improves your WIFI security and also means that you never need to know the code or write it down again. Your guests simply point and join using their mobile phone camera.

Digital Attractions

We have teamed up with Excursion Centre Lanzarote to bring your clients the best excursions and one stop shop for entertainment and trips on the island. Every time your client book a trip through your code, you will receive commission which can be used against any of the excursions and trips offered, or as cash payments quarterly paid direct to you!

Digital Entry/Departure

When your guests arrive they can log into your system. This timestamps the arrival and you will be sent a notification so you know they have arrived in your absence. When they leave, they log out, again time stamping and allowing you to know the second they have checked out so you can get straight round to do the housekeeping. What’s more, they will be reminded to leave positive feedback on your desired platform and to let you know (without leaving feedback) if there were any problems you need to know about.

Digital Report

Should your guest have any issues, they can scan the digital report code. This will allow them to report an issue, take a photo and let you know. This will enable you to time manage the issue and even forward the issue including the image to any maintenance person or company.

If you are interested in the ThisMenu Holiday Let App just pop us a message by following this link or call us on +34 689 545 449



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